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I am extremely satisfied with the job this company has done. I bought a new home and we were always sneezing and had this cough. We had them come in to clean our air ducts and we were amazed at the difference in the air quality. They did a thorough job, cleaned every vent and the price was a little low in my opinion for the fantastic job they did. I highly recommend this company. I will definitely use them again.

- Lisa Kissoondath

We had our ducts cleaned and the UV light installed and it was so worth it. The air quality in our home is so much better. I noticed that I don't have to dust as much as I used to. Environmental Extreme was so prompt and professional. They took their time and made sure to do a thorough cleaning of the ducts. They were so nice and friendly and explained exactly what they were doing with each step. They also took time at the end to answer any questions and explain even further. I would recommend them in a heartbeat!

- Kory Gray

I had second thoughts about using a low cost service provider, but boy was I wrong. From the start, the professional manner in the way they handled my call with all my questions answered. To the competent workers who did the job, fully explaining all the steps as they went along. I am completely satisfied and would recommend their service to my friends and family. Keep up the good work.

- riaz hosein

We used this company to clean our air ducts. They did before and after pix and It was unbelievable how dirty those ducts were. I would not have believed it if I didn't see it myself. They did a thorough cleaning and the most amazing thing is that there was no dust or dirt piled up in each of the area they worked. I highly recommend this company, I will definitely use them again.

- Terry Sinanan

Environmental Xtreme Sanitizing cleaned my dryer vent and I was amazed at their professionalism. They did a fantastic job and cleaned off the area they worked and vacuum the floor around the dryer after they were done. There is no doubt that I will definitely be calling them in again to have my air ducts cleaned very soon. They are very efficient.

- Marshall Kisner

Very pleased with Environmental Xtreme Sanitizing 's cleaning of my home's air ducts. It's been 3 years since we bought the house and we figured it was time to clean the vents.
The crew was on time, masked (COVID-19), clean and thorough. They removed every vent cover, cleaned and replaced. My home even smells better. Would definitely recommend!

- Caroline S

We are extremely pleased with the quality of service the company provided. They cared about our best interests, assisted and supported us to make sure our HVAC functioned at its best. We will continue to use Environmental Xtreme and highly recommend them.

- Sabine Roy

The owner Krishna and his helper arrived on time, were extremely professional, treated our home with respect, and clearly explained everything to us every step of their work, room by room; prompt service; very reasonably priced; meticulous inspection and workmanship. Their customer service was great! My husband and I are happy with the service and we can feel the difference in our entire homes air quality. We would highly recommend to friends and family. Thank you Environmental Xtreme Sanitizing for helping us to breathe clean air inside our new home!

- Alicia N Patton

I just have to say that this is the BEST place to get your air ducts and dryer vents cleaned from. I've had some bad experiences with some other companies in the past, but this place far exceeded my expectations. They didn't try to over charge me or gouge me. I felt comfortable with them and I could tell they really new what they were doing. I'm definitely going to recommend them to all my friends and family.

- Dewey Isreal

I used Environmental Xtreme Sanitizing to clean my air ducts and dryer vent and I have to say that I am truly satisfied with the work they have done, they are so efficient. I love their cleaning machine, it does not let out the dust all around and the technicians clean the work areas when they are finished. They are very professional and I highly recommend this company.

- Robert Lee

They took their time to explain the services that was going to be performed and how long it was going to take to clean the entire system. Also, explaining the purpose of the UV light.

I highly recommend Environmental Xtreme Sanitizing company for any duct cleaning or dry vent cleaning.

- Stevie Miller

The professionalism, care and expertise that Environmental Xtreme Sanitizing shows, tells you how much they value their clients and the work they do. I highly recommend this service.

- Sharon Thomas

The team at Environmental Xtreme are both professional and thorough. They listened to my concerns and needs and were able to provide services that best suited what I needed for my air ducts and dryer vent. I recently learned that there is a fire risk if the dryer vent is not cleaned after some use and working in the medical field, I do laundry quite often. I took to google and found them. I live in Maryland and they were very responsive and overall really good and it was more affordable than I thought. Thank you all for your commitment to excellent service.

- Chandra Persaud

I'm so happy with the service. They were prompt and courteous. Great customer service and will definitely be using this company again!

- Burst O'Light

Xtreme Environmental Sanitizing provides professional quality work. They are dependable, and reliable and provides 100% customer satisfaction. I would highly recommend this company.

- Kathleen Ramkeesoon

Chris, Roma, and their technicians do great work. Very friendly, courteous, and willing to work with my schedule. I look forward to using them again in the future.

- Tony Chin

We have lived in our home for 15 years and never had the ducts cleaned. Environmental Xtreme came out and vacuumed our duct systems. Through the video cameras we were able to see inside the ducts what they looked like, couldn't believe we were breathing years of thick dust accumulated on the vent walls. They cleaned, vacuumed and sanitized our vents and duct work system and what a difference we could tell immediately. Our two dryer vents were clogged from years of lint accumulation and when we dried our laundry it would take two cycles to dry one load. Now one drying cycle does the job. They also installed a uv light in our system to kill germs and mold. We are extremely pleased with Environmental Xtreme and would highly recommend them to our friends and family.

- Jenny Mohammed

Enviromental Xtreme Sanitizing,LLC.Company has helped more than hundred homeowners and business remove mold and improve air quality using effective plant-based products and planet friendly processes pioneered by Environmental Xtreme Sanitizing,LLC .This gives the customer their family,and pets relief from mold allergens and bacteria without relying on harsh chemicals.
The result? Healthier homes,a better world, and business that is making a difference.

- Said Tairellil

I highly recommend environmental Xtreme sanitation/ work with Roma Ramkissoon she has been nothing but professional, courteous and ensures you receive excellent service customer service to the highest

- Ryan Phillip Chan

My HVAC place referred me to Kris at Environmental Xtreme Sanitizing when they discovered what looked like mold in my central AC unit. I called the office, and Kris was out the next day to inspect the mold. He was able to get a sample of the mold and send it off for testing that very day, and the next business day he confirmed it was black mold. He was just as concerned about our health as I was, and he came out to take care of it immediately. It took him two days of fogging, scrubbing, vacuuming, and more fogging, but we're now mold-free. We went from the initial phone call to a clean house in less than a week, which was amazing. Their price felt reasonable considering the amount of work and supplies required and I would certainly call on them again if I ever need a similar service.

- Ben M.

We requested the service on Thursday this week. It was professional, high quality and so friendly. Highly recommend!

- Mei S.


- Xin Z.